Premium Quality uniquely shaped shavings exclusive to Equi-bed

First grade large flake shavings

Horse Halter/Head collars

Fly Masks

Fly Fringes

Our horse bedding...

Our large flake shavings are made from either pine or poplar There is minimal dust content in the shavings. All our shavings products are dried for better absorbency. Shavings are economical as the bags are packed full. The quantity and q

Our Halters are made out of very strong parachute type webbing. Padded noseband to prevent chaffing and for extra comfort Quality buckle and reinforced buckle holes. Quick release clip under the jaw makes it easy to put halter on and take of

Fly Masks Our Fly masks are made out of quality mesh, with an edging of webbing which lasts longer. There is adjustable Velcro on the poll and behind jaw for  accurate adjustment for a perfect fit. Seams which are reinforced over the ey
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