Equibed is a wood shavings manufacturing company of premium quality pine or poplar shavings. Our shavings are of the  highest quality and  are dust free and therefore a quality product to use in horse bedding.

Your choice in horse bedding directly affects the health and performance of your horse and has a huge impact on their environment.

 We have been in operation  since  1994 and we therefore  have experience in the shavings industry and being horse owners ourselves understand what horses and owners require in the way of quality horse bedding.

We use poplar or pine as it is a softwood and makes a soft and absorbent shaving and it is not toxic  for horses  as some of the hardwood species are.

We also feel that we support the environment  by removing a tree which has been labelled  an “invasive species” and a “water gobbler”.

By using poplar as horse bedding and being manured on and then being turned into compost is environmentally friendly.

We take our horse bedding products seriously and therefore  offer a unique product to the horse owner with reliable service and attention to detail ensuring that we supply a product that is consistent in quality and packaging and competitively priced.

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